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12 may
Should we measure the EngagementIndex of Charities?Over the past weeks we’ve been adding to the number of accounts that we measure on EngagementIndex. We now have over 1500 companies in sectors as diverse as Restaurants, UK Holiday Parks and Couriers. However, one category has caused a bit of a stir...
11 may
Sainsbury's massively improves their their customer service levels on TwitterWithout doubt more and more customers are turning to Twitter to complain, ask questions, seek help, get support etc...
1 may
Important Update to the EngagementIndex websiteThings on the surface may have looked quiet, but underneath Chris has been working really hard to bring about the next round of important updates and changes to our site. I am now really pleased to announce that the results are now 100% public.


A brand not responding on Twitter is like hanging up the phone on customers. With millions watching.
Twitter to me is all about hitting that reply button

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